Line Dance Weekend


Michal „Dingo“ Janák (Community Dancers Brno, LDC Karolína Brno)

Dingo - Michal Janak    To dancing is actively involved since 1997, hence he held a number dance styles and a few dance groups. Since 2001 works as long term club caller Square Dance and Line Dance instructor at a dance club Community Dancers Brno and Karolína Brno. Every year together with Community Dancers Brno prepares regular dance workshops Line Dance - Moravia Line, took place in picturesque environment of Czech-Moravian Highlands. Currently together with Michaela Krajíčková organizes weekend dance seminars bearing the name of Line Dance Weekend.


Michaela Krajíčková (LDC Karolína Brno)

Michaela Krajickova    Dancing is devoted 12 years. Line Dance teach since 2001. In the same year founded, under the patronage of the Eagle organization, a dance group named Karolína Brno, which is the leader and choreographer. It closely cooperate with Brno dance club Community Dancers Brno, which organizes an annual event Moravia Line, which helps with teaching. Currently together with Michal "Dingo" Janak organizes dance line dance weekends in Jiříkovice near Brno.

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